Los Padres National Forest – Vehicle Access to some Recreation Facilities still not possible

Release Date: Apr 21, 2011

Contact(s): Jim Lopez 805-967-3481, Joe Pasinato 805-961-5745

GOLETA,  CA….Los Padres National Forest officials today announced that some facilities and campgrounds within the jurisdiction of the Santa Barbara Ranger District remain inaccessible due to high water levels that inhibit safe navigation of water crossings.

The gate at the east end of Paradise Road at the first crossing of the Santa Ynez River is currently closed.    Due to late season storms, the water level is still above what is considered safe for an average passenger vehicle to cross.

Crews have also not been able to repair damage yet along the Romero Camuesa Road, which provides vehicle access to Middle Santa Ynez, P-Bar Flats, Rock Camp, Upper Caliente and Mono Campgrounds in the Upper Santa Ynez recreational area.  This area also includes Big Caliente Hot Springs, a popular “day use” area.

“While I recognize that restricting public access to these popular recreation areas is unpopular, we have to take all necessary steps to ensure visitor safety,” said Santa Barbara District Ranger Doug Dodge. “Once the water levels drop and we complete our road maintenance work, we’ll fully re-open these areas.”

For more information contact the Santa Barbara Ranger District at: 805-967-3481.

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