Sierra Club Cleans Up Lizard’s Mouth

By Robert Bernstein

Sunday we had fun exploring Lizard's Mouth and doing valuable cleanup at the same time!

This was an exceptionally energetic and dedicated group! More so than we have ever had before for the Lizard's Mouth cleanup! We had a big group of fourteen people. And everyone was focused on doing the best cleanup they could!

People were finding it challenging, yet very rewarding. We also stayed much longer than we ever have before! Most of the group stayed until 1:15PM!

Big Thanks To:
Chris Woods
Dalton Derby
Karen of Camarillo
Corey Anderson
Maura Jess
Steve Iversen
Cherie Mignone
Vera Magana
Barry White
Eric Rieske
Sharon Brownett

Here at link are the photos!

The result: 88 pounds of nasty stuff picked up! A record amount due to exceptional thoroughness of this group! More glass shards than you can imagine. This was very time consuming and I applaud the efforts that so many made to seek out and pick up every bit they could find! Cigarette butts which are highly toxic to wildlife. Lots of bullet shells. I am hoping most of these are from the past and are not new. Lots of cans and plastic bottles. I was able to recycle these!

It seems discouraging to have to keep going back and picking up the mess that other people leave. But the consensus was that we are making a difference and there is progress. When people see less trash at Lizard's Mouth, they realize it is not cool to be the one who is leaving trash there.

Again: Thank you!


Any ideas for picking up broken glass are welcome for future cleanups! Reaching tools for tough spots will also be welcome! I also will buy more gloves for next time!

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