Tragic story unfolds in Channel Islands National Park off the coast of Santa Barbara

By Jerry Crasnick

A box seat at a Major League Baseball game entitles fans to a close-up view of the action but no access to hearts and minds. If your favorite player seems preoccupied, maybe it's because he's worried about a sick child at home or coping with marital issues or some other personal trauma. A multi-million dollar contract and a shoe deal might make an athlete feel special, but those perks don't earn him a lifetime dispensation from reality. Kevin Correia, starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres, experienced one of those moments of raw humanity to the umpteenth degree the night of May 8, 2010, in Houston. Teammate Jon Garland had just beaten the Astros 2-1 with seven dominant innings, and Correia had watched intently from the dugout in anticipation of his start the following night. The postgame handshakes ended, and Correia walked into the clubhouse and found a message in his locker: Call your wife, it said. Within moments, his life was permanently and irrevocably changed

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