93013 Photo Contest

We are collaborating with Friends of Franklin Trail, the Wildling Museum, Samy's Camera, Carpinteria Arts Center and others to capture significant moments that evoke the feel and mood of Carpinteria, California and the newly opened Franklin Trail. Photo Contest • Prizes • Jury • Rules • Gallery About the Contest: Images will be shared with community members via an online gallery and...
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More Trails For Goleta

[06/30/15 UPDATE: The County Planning Commission added the following action to the Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan: The County shall review, address, and revise the Goleta Trails Implementation Study. In addition to any revisions necessary to update information contained in the current document, the revised implementation study shall investigate additional opportunities to add proposed...
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Historic Franklin Trail Closer to Completion

Preliminary Line Makes Way for Environmental Assessment —For those of you who were with us when we finally cut through the last remaining section of brush and made it to the top of the Franklin Trail — a first for many decades — and for all of you who helped along the way, I want to share with you my profound thanks for all of your help. This was a team effort, and one that could not have...
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Butterfly Grove Gets Upgrade

Twenty hardworking volunteers just finished replacing 100 posts and over 1000 feet of manila rope that cordoned off the viewing galleries in the Goleta Butterfly Grove. If you have not had a chance to see the Monarch butterflies fluttering around their winter home in the Eucalyptus groves on Ellwood Mesa now is a great time to go.  Not only will you see the plumbed posts and the new natural...
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Send a Selfie Postcard

Secure Coastal Access and Trails [UPDATE: At Tuesday's hearing the Planning Commission made a motion to send the project on to the Board of Supervisors without approving the project. Comment letters and postcards received before the hearing are posted here. More postcards were sent than the ones posted online. Thanks to all who participated. The hearing with the Board of Supervisors will be in...
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Save Gaviota Coastal Access

[UPDATE: The  Santa Barbara County Planning Commission at their hearing of September 23, 2014 the commissioners made the following motion on the Las Varas Ranch Project ACTION: Recommended that the Board of Supervisors not certify the Environmental Impact Report (10EIR-00000-00005) and require additional environmental review in the areas of Aesthetics/Visual Resources, Agricultural Resources,...
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