Phase III Franklin Trail Collaboration

Planning for Phase III began when the Santa Barbara County Trails Council (Trails Council) was asked by community organizations to manage the project because of the Trails Council's experience working with the U.S Forest Service on a similar project in the Los Padres National Forest above the Baron Ranch. In March of 2015 we organized a kick-off meeting with project stakeholders and made...
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1973: Proposed Coastal Trail System

In 1973 a report was published and distributed by Trails Council in partnership with over 25 organizations and agencies. The report set goals that over 40 years later we are still working diligently to achieve. The good news is two-fold.  The interest in and popularity of Mission to Mission hiking in Santa Barbara County has increased dramatically in recent years. We are also just a few years...
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Ellwood Mesa Recreational User Survey 2015

This study was conducted to compile information on the different types and intensities of recreational uses that occur on the Ellwood Mesa. Trails and coastal access are an important recreational activity in Santa Barbara County and coastal open spaces, such as the Ellwood Mesa, West Campus Bluffs, open lands around the Devereux Slough, Douglas Family Preserve, and Carpinteria Bluffs, receive...
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Las Varas Ranch Project: EIR Inadequate

The proposed Las Varas Ranch Development Project includes the reconfiguration and subdivision of existing parcels (including substandard sized parcels) within the 1,784 acre Las Varas and Edwards and proposed residential development envelopes for each proposed lot to permit construction of seven residential estate compounds and construction of infrastructure including access roads and a shared...
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Gaviota Coastal Trail & Access Study

The Trails Council is pleased to present the Gaviota Coastal Trail and Access Study (Trails Study) for consideration by the community, Santa Barbara County staff and decision-makers, State agencies and our local representatives. The Trails Council hopes that the Trail Study provides useful information and recommendations for interested parties and stakeholders to consider as part of pending...
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Lake Los Caneros Trail Management

Lake Los Carneros Trail Management, Rehabilitation And Interpretive Program Review – As noted in the management plan developed by Hunt & Associates in 1999, Lake Los Carneros provides a tremendous resource for the City of Goleta, which took over management of the 140 acre open space area when the city was incorporated in 2002. Besides providing valuable open space, habitat for many species...
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