The Santa Barbara County Trails Council (Trails Council) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has worked to improve our local community for over fifty years.

Our mission is to protect public trail access, build and maintain safe and
sustainable trails, and promote public engagement in land stewardship and
trail use for all types of outdoor recreation.

What We Do

  • We advocate for new trail access to wild and scenic destinations
  • We protect trail access to the coastal, foothill and forest habitats of Santa Barbara County
  • We build and maintain safe and sustainable trails for all types of nature-based recreation
  • We support public agencies with trail planning, construction and maintenance services
  • We collaborate with community organizations to enhance trail-based recreation for everyone
  • We educate the community at large about issues that impact the Santa Barbara County trail network.
  • We raise funds to construct and maintain trails through community outreach and philanthropic resources.