Community Outreach

Advocating for the California Coastal Trail | Las Varas Ranch Development

The developer for Las Varas Ranch is seeking lot line adjustments that will enable the construction of large estates that would block historic public access, destroy scenic coastal open space and locate the Coastal Trail next to the noise and fumes of Highway 101 almost ½ mile from the beach. The Trails Council proposes to relocate the mansions away from scenic open space and to acquire an ocean view blufftop location for the Coastal Trail.

The importance of your participation at this point in the planning process cannot be over stated:  The Board of Supervisors needs to tell the developer that our coast cannot be walled off from the public! We can have a coastal trail and open space similar to the beautiful Ellwood Mesa and its blufftop coastal trail or have the public walled off from the coast by exclusive development. We need your help! Learn More

Trails and Ales

Join in for the next Trails & Ales gathering. This is a great way to meet people who are are interested in all aspects of nature-based recreation. All groups representing hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, equestrians and other users of trails are invited. We also invite environmentalists and staff from government agencies that manage the open spaces we love to explore. We meet at various locations around the county for a chance to catch up on topics of mutual interest. For the date, time and location of our next event check our calendar or visit our group hiking event site