Non-Profit Partners

Santa Barbara Trails Council works closely with a number of environmental and trails-related organizations to support efforts to protect our natural resources and

los padres national forestLos Padres Forest Association (LPFA). LPFA is the official non-profit organization recognized by Los Padres Forest. LPFA was established in 1984 to work cooperatively with Los Padres Forest to provide interpretive resources, manage visitor centers and care for the forest. Currently the LPFA operated stores at Big Sur and the SB Ranger District and manages the Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center. LPFA programs include the Volunteer Wilderness Rangers, The Wranglers and Working Vacations.


Montecito Trails FoundationMontecito Trails Foundation (MTF). Since 1964 the Montecito Trails Foundation has worked to preserve, maintain, expand, and record trails within areas of Montecito, Summerland, & Carpinteria, California while being an advocate for trails and open spaces countywide. Over the past three decades, MTF has raised more than a million dollars to support its trail maintenance program in the 1st County Supervisorial District. Trails Council works in close partnership with MTF on 1st District projects.


Los Padres Trail RidersLos Padres Trail Riders LPTR is an historic part of the Santa Barbara area horse community. LPTR invites local equestrians to join the club and participate in events such as trail rides, parades, social events with informative speakers, and taking an active part in policies, and activities that will tend to further the use, acquisition, preservation, development and maintenance of riding and hiking trails.  LPTR raises funds each year for organizations such as the Trails Council.


Gaviota CoastGaviota Coast Conservancy (GCC) is playing a vital role in preserving the largest intact remnant of the coastal Southern California Mediterranean ecosystem. The GCC has been working within the community to find the best and most appropriate strategies for preserving these resources. Information collected on the resources of the coast and strategies for preserving these resources has been disseminated to the community and public officials. The GCC will continue to lead the efforts to preserve, protect, and enhance the intrinsic values of this coastal environment, while providing appropriate public access.


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