Who We Are

The Santa Barbara County Trails Council is a grassroots membership organization that has worked vigorously on behalf of people of Santa Barbara County to enhance the county’s trail network for over 50 years. We are inclusive in our support for volunteering, collaborating and advocating for trail access on behalf of hikers, runners, bikers, equestrians and all others who use trails for nature-based recreation. To achieve our goals we provide trail related planning, design, mapping, construction and maintenance for city, county, state and federal agencies.

Strategic planning, community outreach, trail advocacy, new trail initiatives, fundraising and continuing trail maintenance programs are managed by the Board of Directors and the organization's Executive Director, Mark Wilkinson. Please contact us to share your enthusiasm for trails in Santa Barbara County.

Otis Calef, President
Dan Gira, Vice President
Paul Herning, Treasurer
Mike Lunsford, Secretary

George Amoon
Curt Cragg

Natalie Hodges
Susan Keller

Kerry Kellogg
Bob Nagy

Hillary Steenberge
Kevin Wallace



If you are interested in volunteering please check out the opportunities listed below.

Many dedicated citizens are helping the Advisory Committees of the Santa Barbara County Trails Council to add new trails to the Santa Barbara County Trail System as well as maintain the existing trail network. These volunteer efforts are applied for the most part within several key committees. The list of committees and ongoing/current tasks appears below. Contact Mark Wilkinson, Executive Director, or any Trails Council Board Member if you want more information about how to get involved in these activities.

Executive Committee | Otis Calef, Chair

  • Maintain a strong and active board, recruiting new members/advisors as necessary
  • Maintain working subcommittees, coordinating shared/overlapping activities
  • Seek trail easements and agreements as needed
  • Plan budgets; oversee all financial operations of SBCTC

Trails Advisory Committee | Kerry Kellogg, Chair

  • Enhance recreational trails for public use within Santa Barbara County
  • Promoting trail planning, development, maintenance and management among local government agencies
  • Develop service agreements with county and city agencies

Volunteer Advisory Committee | Curt Cragg, Chair

  • Monitor the trails, report problems, and pick-up a pulaski, mcleod, shovel, or loppers as needed
  • Promoting trail maintenance among volunteer trails organizations and non-profit organizations
  • Support needs of other committees

Events Advisory Committee | Hillary Steenberge, Chair

  • Organize weekly recreational hikes
  • Oversee trail run series planning and event hosting
  • Plan and carry out awareness building and similar events throughout the year

Development Advisory Committee | Chair Position Open

  • Build membership; Conduct regular membership drives
  • Send out membership thank you packets and renewal notices
  • Find the resources (fundraising) to maintain/extend the Santa Barbara County Trails network

Community Relations Advisory Committee | Chair Position Open

  • Maintain ongoing relations non-profit/for profit stakeholders and advocates
  • Secure community support/endorsement for trail development and maintenance projects
  • Maintain ongoing relations with city, county, state and federal agency leadership/staff

Communication Advisory CommitteeChair Position Open

  • Solicit or write a "news" item covering accomplishments
  • Prepare and distribute press releases
  • Prepare Annual Report and other advocacy reports
  • Keep web site up-to-date with relevant news and articles
  • Support needs of other committees


Volunteers Needed

As a non-profit trail centric organization we rely on people volunteering to help us meet our goals and objectives. We have positions open on our advisory committees in addition to the need for people to volunteer for trail maintenance. We collaborate with the Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers, Los Padres Forest Association and others to coordinate trail volunteer projects throughout the county. Go to www.sbvolunteers.org to learn about upcoming trail maintenance events and register for event notification via email.

We are currently looking for volunteers with the following interests

  • New Trail Advocate
  • Event Planning
  • Membership Development
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • News Editor, Writer or Reporter
  • Publicity, Public Relations
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Trail Maintenance

Contact us to volunteer.