What's the value of a walk in the woods or along the coastal bluffs?
We have worked to ensure our trails are safe and sustainable for over 50 years.
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Who We Are

The Santa Barbara County Trails Council is a grassroots membership organization that has worked vigorously on behalf of people of Santa Barbara County to enhance the county’s trail network for over 50 years. We are inclusive in our support for volunteering, collaborating and advocating for trail access on behalf of hikers, runners, bikers, equestrians and all others who use trails for nature-based recreation. To achieve our goals we provide trail related planning, design, mapping, construction and maintenance for city, county, state and federal agencies.

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What We Do

Simply put, the Santa Barbara County Trails Council provides critical services needed to support trail access, maintenance and restoration in Santa Barbara County — ranging from expertise in trail planning and mapping capabilities to many years of experience using the most sophisticated equipment needed to care for trails such as those in our mountainous front and backcountry areas.

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Who We Serve

Santa Barbara County Trails Council works with each of our local public agencies to provide trail planning, mapping and maintenance expertise, project funding through our grants program, and volunteer recruitment to augment lack of public funding for trails.

Since 2000, Trails Council has raised over $500,000, contributed thousands of hours of volunteer work and helped rebuild public trails that would not have been maintained without us.

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