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Membership Benefits
The greatest benefit to becoming a member of Santa Barbara County Trails Council is the knowledge that you have become part of a network of people who are committed to protecting, restoring, enjoying and sharing the joy and beauty of our local trails. Plus you get a set of great new maps for Santa Barbara’s most spectacular trails.

Trails Council offers a selection of membership levels that designate the level of support you’d like to make to supporting our trail efforts. All include a set of the pocket maps and are tax deductible.

Individual — $25 • Family/Dual — $35 • Supporting — $60 • Sustaining — $100 • Business/Organization — $125

Trails Council Pocket Guides
Haven’t you often thought how nice it would be to have a great map just the right size to fit into your pocket and be available at the tip of your fingers when you’d like to see where you are? Thanks to Ray Ford, who designed the new maps for the Trails Council, the pocket guides to our front country trails are now available. We’ll provide a set of the seven maps when you join the Trails Council free of charge. Don’t wait, JOIN NOW!  Support the many Trails Council initiatives and receive the complete set of seven pocket maps. Here is what’s included in the set of 7 maps:

San Roque Canyon • Mission Canyon • Rattlesnake Canyon • Cold Spring Canyon • San Ysidro Canyon • Montecito Valley • Romero Canyon [nggallery id=56]

Our Initiatives
For over 45 years the Trails Council has worked on behalf of its members to build new trails and maintain existing trails in partnership with local government agencies and like-minded community organizations. The Trails Council supports nature-based recreation for all non-motorized trail user groups. We would like you to be a Trails Council member. We think you will be proud to know that, through your membership, you are supporting specific projects that make our community a better place to live.

  • We are constructing a new trail segment for the Franklin Trail in Carpinteria and the Baron Ranch Trail to Camino Cielo segment in Gaviota. Funding has been secured through grants, individual donations and volunteer support.
  • We are coordinating the planning process for the California Coastal Trail and the Anza National Historic Trail across the Ellwood bluffs in Goleta. The funding ($195,000) was secured through grants from the Goleta Valley Land Trust, UCSB Students Association Coastal Fund, CREF and the California Coastal Conservancy.
  • We are leading a grass-roots campaign to be sure that the County’s new initiated draft Gaviota Plan will site the California Coastal Trail along the bluff-tops (and not north of the freeway as envisioned in some proposals) as well as, adopt tools and methods for the creation of new trails and open space along the Gaviota Coast. Funding has been secured through individual donations and volunteer support.
  • We sponsored the creation and distribution of the Gaviota Coast Trails and Access Study. The professional award winning study, funded by the UCSB Students Association Coastal Fund and donations from private individuals ($15,000), addresses agricultural, biological, cultural, scenic, and recreational resources along the Gaviota Coast. The plan includes a map that describes all existing informal access points and the ideal route for the California Coastal Trail.
  • We are maintaining trails at Midland School Trails in Santa Ynez, the Gaviota State Park and the Baron Ranch Trail in Gaviota. Funding has been secured through individual donations and volunteer support.

Our county’s trail network is both a community resource and a community responsibility. Becoming a member of the Trails Council is one way to make a contribution towards joining in and fulfilling that responsibility. As noted above, our thank you gift to new members is a set of seven pocket-sized maps covering the front country trails. Please join today. We appreciate your support for our programs and projects.