Connect With The Outdoors!

The Trails Council is committed to providing opprotunities for our community to explore the incredible natural resources we have in Santa Barbara County and to share the love we have for them.

We are in the process of building a library of resources, trail guides, photo collections and other information to encourage you to get outdoors and to do it often — on foot, bike, horse. We also helped developed a community meetup to sponsor regular opportunities to get together and explore the trails. Learn more about the Santa Barbara County Hikers and become a member.

Though we are just in the process of adding our collection of trail guides for the County, SBTC is also committed to bringing you the most complete set of guides found on the web.

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Add the RSS feed for the Trails Council website ( to your email program and get regular notices of new articles and trail guides as we develop them. Or head over to check out our collection of trail guides. You’ll find them all listed in the right sidebar on most of our web pages.