Fitness Hikes

The Santa Barbara County Hikers was founded to encourage people to get outside and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

Our intention is to allow you to hike at whatever pace works best for you, however we have sometimes been accused of having “fast paced” hikes. Please keep that in mind and read the hike descriptions carefully, (particularly the overall distance and elevation gain).  Most of our hikes in Santa Barbara County head uphill fast, so consider your personal conditioning level and experience.

Saturday is our regular hiking day.  Hikes start at 9:00 am and we try and end by noon or 1:00 pm at the latest.  The hike details are generally posted and sent out to our members a week ahead of the hike.  We also promote local hiking events, classes and volunteer trail projects on our site as they arise.

To learn more visit our “meet-up” site where you can see a list of upcoming events and have the opportunity to register to be notified about future hikes. We encourage you to take advantage of the countywide trail system individually or by joining our group hikes. Trails are a free-use community resource. Becoming a member of the Trails Council is one way you can begin to fulfill your community responsibility to protect, maintain and grow this treasured resource.