Campus Point

Distance—1.25 miles west to Campus Point; 2 miles to lagoon access; 3.5 miles back to Goleta Beach. Topo—Goleta

From State Street, follow Highway 101 west for 7.5 miles to the Ward Memorial turnoff (Highway 217—just past the Patterson off ramp) which leads to UCSB. Follow this for 1.5 miles to the Goleta Beach turnoff. Go left under Ward Memorial, then right into the park.

There is a fair amount of tar on the beach due to oil seeps in the Channel. I would advise old tennies for walking and/or taking care where you put your feet. At higher tide you may need to walk along the campus bluffs to reach the point.

Depending on the tides you can walk along the beach to the point or follow the top of the cliffs. Many hikers head out on the bluffs and return via the beach, but walking on the beach is very tide-dependent. At higher tides there are several places which are impossible to get by.

But if you are lucky and the tides low enough, the walk out and around the point is wonderful. Once you round the point you have nearly two miles of almost straight coastline and wide beaches which will take you all the way to Devereaux Point if you want.

However, I often turn inland when I reach the edge of the UCSB Lagoon, which is just a half mile west of the point. A dirt road leads around the lagoon, the UCEN is right there, where you can stop for a snack or cup of java, and the route up onto the top of the Campus Point bluffs is very nice. There are plenty of places to wander around on the top of the bluffs before heading east back to Goleta Beach.


  1. Jack Stone

    I went to UCSB and Campus Point was such an establishment to the students and locals as well. Great surf and just a gorgeous beach, it was a fun hang out as well. The bluffs is notorious for runners and anyone looking for a nice hike to enjoy the view. There is a lot of tar on this beach so if you do mind I recommend wearing your shoes! The last time I went to visit UCSB I stayed at the South Coast Inn ( So elegant and quite close to campus. I really enjoyed that I was able to enjoy Santa Barbara but escape all the noise of downtown and get some much needed R&R!

  2. UCSB is one of the best campuses! One of the only places where you can go to school AT the beach. The trails up on the bluffs are great to run on and the views are spectacular on a sunny day. The atmosphere of UCSB is something like nothing experience before. Whenever I visit my old campus I always stay at the South Coast Inn ( Close by and so nice.

  3. UCSB was the best 4 years of my life hands down. The atmosphere in Santa Barbara/Isla Vista is something that cannot be explained, you just have to experience it. Right on the beach, how could you pass up going to school there? Campus Point has some great waves if you enjoy surfing-they get beyond large in the winter, so be careful! I’ve graduated and then some now but I always visit friends that still live in the area (lucky!)-I stay at the South Coast Inn ( Close to campus actually and Campus Point but much nicer then Isla Vista!

  4. I wanted to go to UCSB so badly when I was applying to college a few years ago and now whenever I visit friends that were lucky enough to go there I have some of the best days! The beach, the surf, the landscape, all so beautiful. I stayed at the South Coast Inn ( So nice and a lot nicer then IV.

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