Shoreline Park Beach Walk

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East Beach

BEACH WALK INFORMATIONDistance-1 mile from the end of Bailard Road to the Chevron Oil Pier BEACH WALK INFORMATIONDistance-1.25 miles from the Wharf to East Beach; 1.25 miles west to Shoreline Park . Topo-Santa BarbaraView Photo Gallery DIRECTIONSStearns Wharf is at the end of State Street. East Beach is a mile east of the wharf on Cabrillo Boulevard. Both paid parking and off street parking...
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Mesa Lane – Gateway to Heaven

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Butterfly Beach

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San Onofre Beach

BEACH WALK INFORMATIONDistance-3 miles east to the Arroyo Hondo trestles (Vista Point), .5 miles to the Vista Del Mar beach access; 3 miles west to Gaviota Beach Topo- Gaviota DIRECTIONSSan Onofre Beach is 7 miles beyond (west of) Refugio Beach. Continue to the Mariposa Reina turnoff (8 miles from Refugio), cross the freeway, then head back towards Refugio (east) on the freeway. The beach is...
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El Capitan State Park

BEACH WALK INFORMATIONDistance-6 miles east to Haskell's Beach; 1.5 miles west to Corral Beach; 2.5 miles west to Refugio BeachTopo- Dos Pueblos Canyon & Tajiguas DIRECTIONS From Fairview Avenue in Goleta, follow Highway 101 west for 11 miles (20 miles from downtown Santa Barbara) to the El Capitan turnoff. A winding road leads down under the freeway to the beach. There are no parking...
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