More Mesa

  BEACH WALK INFORMATION Distance—3 miles east to Arroyo Burro County Beach; 3 miles west to Goleta Beach Topo— Goleta DIRECTIONS From State Street, follow Highway 101 west for 6.3 miles to the Turnpike off ramp. Go left over the freeway and down to Hollister Avenue. Turn left again and drive .4 miles to Puente (the first stop light). Go right and drive .75 miles to the intersection of...
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Vista del Mar

BEACH WALK INFORMATIONDistance-.5 miles east to San Onofre beach; 2.5 miles west to Gaviota Beach Topo-Gaviota DIRECTIONSThe Vista Del Mar beach access is 7.6 miles beyond (west of) Refugio Beach. Continue to the Mariposa Reina turnoff (8 miles from Refugio), cross the freeway, then head back towards Refugio (east) on the freeway. The beach is a half mile and is marked by a Gaviota State Park...
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Tajiguas Beach

  BEACH WALK INFORMATION Distance-2 miles east to Refugio beach; 2.5 miles west to Arroyo Hondo Vista Point Topo- Tajiguas DIRECTIONS Tajiguas Beach is 1.8 miles beyond (west) of Refugio Beach State Park. Look for a turn around on the freeway 2.1 miles past Refugio. Cross the freeway and turn right on the frontage road and go .6 miles west until it ends near a railroad crossing. A steep...
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Santa Barbara Harbor

BEACH WALK INFORMATIONDistance-1 mile from the end of Bailard Road to the Chevron Oil Pier DIRECTIONSStearns Wharf is at the end of State Street. There is limited parking on or near it. You will find more ample parking near the breakwater where there are several parking areas. A CAUTIONIf you aren't vigilant, if the waves are up you can get quite wet out on the breakwater. THE WALKIt may not...
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Refugio State Park

BEACH WALK INFORMATIONDistance-1 mile east to Corral Beach; 2.5 miles east to El Capitan; 2 miles west to Tajiguas Beach, though accessible only at very low tides Topo- Tajiguas Telephone-(805) 968-0019 DIRECTIONSFrom Fairview Avenue in Goleta, follow Highway 101 west for 14 miles (22.5 miles from downtown Santa Barbara) to the Refugio turnoff. There is free parking under the freeway and a...
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Point Sal

THE BASICSDistance-17.8 miles from Highway 1 turnoffDifficulty- ModerateElevation Gain- Total elevation gain out and back 2500' HIGHLIGHTS Point Sal is one of my favorite places to go in the springtime when the wildflowers are in bloom. While I love the acres and acres of golden poppies and bush lupine you can find on the tip-top of Figueroa Mountain, there is something very special about the...
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