Parma Park — West

An excellent area to bring kids for their first hike. Close to the city yet a very remote feeling. There are trails leading in a variety of directions, making it possible to take a short hike or combine sections to create a 3-4 mile hike. The canyon section is covered by a beautiful oak forest. It is possible to create a 2.5 mile loop by walking along a short stretch of Mountain Drive. TRAIL...
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Stevens Park Kids Hike

  TRAIL INFORMATION Distance — 1 mile Elevation Gain — 100’ to Jesusita Trail Difficulty — Very easy; great for kids HIGHLIGHTS The trail beyond Stevens Park wanders through a beautiful oak-filled canyon, whose combination of picturesque scenery and easy hiking is perfect for children. There are lots of places to stop by the creek and mortars cut into the rock by the Chumash when...
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Stevens Park

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