Coastal Fund at UCSB Funds Baron Ridge Environmental Analysis

June 2011. The Coastal Fund at UCSB has provided SBTC an additional $15,000 in funds to support the development of the environmental documents (EA) for the Baron Ridge Trail.

SBTC has divided the proposed grant proposal into two phases:

Phase One — Development of Environmental Analysis. SBTC is requesting a grant of $15,000 from GVLT to offset cost of the EA. We also have a grant request for $15,000 in to the Coastal Fund for the EA and have been approved for a $10,000 grant from the WWW Foundation in Pasadena contingent upon our receiving the GVLT grant. This total, along with donation of services from SBTC and AMEC should adequately cover the cost of the EA.

Phase Two — Trail Construction. SBTC has been assured by Mr. Dodge that upon successful completion of the EA, the Forest Service will approve construction of the ridge trail. SBTC is requesting a grant of $30,000 from GVLT for the construction of the 3.9 mile-long-trail. SBTC has obtained approval of an additional $10,000 grant ($20,000 total for 2011 for the EA and trail construction) and SBTC will be donating $20,000 of services for the project.

Recently, the Goleta Valley Land Trust provided the $45,000 requested above and with the additional of the $15,000 grant from the Coastal Fund, the Trails Council has almost completed the funding needed for the entire project.

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