Coastal Trail Along the Gaviota Bluff

Stretching for over 30 miles of Santa Barbara County’s South Coast, the Gaviota Coast is one of the most pristine segments of coastline in Southern California. The Gaviota Coast supports three State Park Beach Campgrounds: El Capitan, Refugio and Gaviota, thousands of acres of state park wilderness and over 15,000 acres of Los Padres National Forest. Tens of thousands of acres of privately owned land zoned for agricultural use surround and separate these state and federal lands. Because of its natural beauty and variety of coastal recreational opportunities, Santa Barbara County’s Local Coastal Plan (LCP) identifies the Gaviota Coast as a recreational resource of statewide importance. A key proposal contained in this local coastal plan is the completion of the California Coastal Trail (CCT) along 36 miles of shoreline.

Pending development proposals for large areas of the east end of the coastal terrace between the City of Goleta and El Capitan State Beach present a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a scenic world class coastal bluff-top location for the CCT... Read More (PDF 2MB)