ESRI Provides SBTC with GIS Software Funding

Winter 2008. Major software company provides SBTC with $4,500 grant for ArcMap Editor for front country mapping project.

In January, 2008 the Trails Council received a grant for the leading GIS software program — ArcEditor. This software will enable SBTC to begin the development of a long-range effort to improve trail access to the Santa Ynez Mountains in the Carpinteria, Goleta Valley and Gaviota Coast areas. Thanks to these new GIS mapping capabilities, use of survey gear to collect field data and development of partnerships with SB County Parks, Los Padres Forest and the city of Goleta the Trails Council has capabilities never before possible.

ESRI is the leader in GIS software and has provided many non-profits such as SBTC with grants for software they would never have been able to purchase with their limited budgets. The software is the same as that used by all of our partner agencies, allowing us to share data and maps.


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