Gaviota Coast Recreation Survey

[update:  This survey is no longer active. Thank you for participating]

The Santa Barbara County Trails Council is preparing a California Coastal Trail and Access Study for a 20 mile-long segment of the rural Gaviota Coast. The Study identifies trail easements, coastal access points to unspoiled beaches, and scenic mesas to complete a major coastal hiking trail along this a pristine of California Coast. Pending development projects threaten to close existing coastal access points and may prevent acquiring and building a bluff top California Coastal Trail. Our study is needed to inform the public and government agencies regarding trail location, environmental friendly design options and techniques to improve access while minimizing environmental impacts.

We Need Your Help

Please complete our 12 question survey below so that we can aggregate Gaviota Coast visitor usage information to include in our report. After you complete the survey, you are welcome to sign-up for updates (form to the right) so that you will receive notification when our report is published in August.

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Our Mission

Trails Council works on behalf of hikers, road and mountain bikers, equestrians, trail runners and others to support access to new trails, enhancement of existing trails and safe shared use by everyone.


  1. Matthew F. Delaney

    As time goes on, there are less miles of trail because of staffing and budget cuts. Any trail we can save or create will increase the recreational opportunities for residents and visitors, and will help our economy. It’s not as if the trails are going to go through the back yards of people who own property. Please keep this trail as long as possible, and as close to the ocean as possible. I hike every month of the year.

  2. Would be wonderful to hike locally rather than always driving 4 hours to get good trails.

  3. Drew Abrams

    Please keep our trails open and accessible and build new ones.

  4. Laura. Ericson

    It is crucial to keep access to trails and beaches on the Gaviota coast. This is an amazing and unique local and national treasure. There is so little natural coastline left in California

  5. If people want trails, they need to help to build and maintain them…to back up the talk with action. Everyone wants more assets; not many are evidently willing to work for these assets. Local National Forest rangers and volunteer organizations need us — the wild lands need us.

  6. Gary Meyer

    It is too much area for the Parks Department to patrol and maintain! People leave their trash everywhere and have no respect for private property! There are no toilets, big problem. It takes 30 minutes plus to get a Sheriff to respond, I can go on.

    • You have a valid point about the trash issue. The trail system in Santa Barbara County is far too extensive for the few people who work for the County Parks Department to pick up all the litter left by inconsiderate people. Trail stewardship is very important and a shared responsibility for all trail user groups. Similar to the formal program initiated by Caltrans for litter removal, trails benefit from individuals and community organizations that fill in when government agencies do not have the needed resources. I can think of several organizations that are willing to participate in a “keep Gaviota beautiful” program for trails and beaches.

  7. T Buchanan

    Government needs to stay out of privately owned properties

  8. Steve Sorich

    Having a 20 mile coastal trail would be amazing!!

  9. A bluff top trail would allow for even more enjoyment of this magnificent coastline!

  10. Bob Medwid

    It should be a priority to establish a bicycle trail between Gaviota and Refugio State Parks along the bluff. Also the Trails Council should consider seeking easements westward to develop new trails that would connect to exiting trails in Gaviota State Park.

  11. Tom Juarez

    So important to keep this jewel accessible to all.

  12. Don Francisco

    I’ve enjoyed the state parks along the Gaviota Coast for over 20 years (before it was called the “Gaviota Coast”). Any more access to the bluff-top environment would displace what is left of the Great Blue Herons, egrets, Ospreys,etc. That use the bluff-tops to see their aquatic prey from above. Keep any trail away from that habitat if the natural environment has any importance. If human recreation is going to trump wildlife existence, say so out front. Don’t pretend that recreational pursuits in wildlife habitat is beneficial to the wildlife: it isn’t!

  13. How blind have I been! It is a privilege to have a community that cares.

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