Gaviota Trail Planning Grant

Spring 2008. Goleta Valley Land Trust Provides $5,000 grant to SBTC for Gaviota Trail Planning.

In 2008, the Santa Barbara Trails Council initiated a long-range program to improve trail access to the Santa Ynez Mountains in the Carpinteria, Goleta Valley and Gaviota Coast areas. This included development of GIS mapping capabilities, use of survey gear to collect field data and development of partnerships with SB County Parks, Los Padres Forest and the city of Goleta.

  • Trail Access. Currently, SBTC supports a number of projects that we believe will help improve trail access for residents of the Goleta Valley. Grant funding will help support SBTC efforts to do the research, field studies and mapping to identify how we can open up or improve trail access. Areas of interest include:
    • San Antonio Creek Corridor, including trail access along upper San Antonio Creek to San Marcos Foothills Preserve, the Edison Catway and eventually connecting to Arroyo Burro Trail and/or the Windy Gap Fire Break.
    • West Camino Cielo Burn Area, including development of a trail network stretching from Goddard Camp to Lizard’s Mouth and potential routes down to the Goleta Valley from this trail network.
    • Slippery Rock is currently listed on the Parks, Recreation and Trails Map as one possible access route to the crest from the Goleta Valley or as a potential destination point for docent-led interpretive outings.
    • El Capitan Ranch provides limited access to the Bill Wallace Trail. The nearby state park lands need to be reviewed for their potential for additional trails and access to Los Padres Forest.
    • Baron Ranch. SBTC has been involved in the initial development of the primary trail system funded previously by the Goleta Valley Land Trust and has contributed significant amounts of time to build the .6 miles of trail needed to complete the loop trail. SBTC is also working with Kalon Kelley to develop an off-road route at the start of the trail to facilitate equestrian use and is supporting the development of a trail in the upper part of the canyon to the crest. Additional funding will help us support the field studies and other work needed to lay out the proposed trails.
  • GIS Mapping. SBTC has devoted more than 100 hours in the development of the initial maps for the trails listed above and other areas. These maps include stream, road and parcel information, boundaries as well as preliminary field surveys. A GVLT grant would allow us to fund the development of a comprehensive map of the entire Goleta to Gaviota Coast area that includes detailed planning information, locations of potential new trail access and field survey information.
  • Field Surveys. SBTC uses sophisticated GPS field survey equipment (Magellan MobileMapper CX) to record information about potential trail locations, trail features, proposed re-routes or rehabilitation projects and the like. A grant from GVLT would allow us to do additional field work as well as help pay for transportation costs, supplies and input of data into the GIS Maps. Examples of the additional field work that will be completed include mapping a route through the chaparral to the top of the Santa Ynez Mountains at Baron Ranch, completing the proposed trail network in the Gap Fire burn area on West Camino Cielo, developing maps for the El Capitan area, including the potential for additional trails, as well as the surveys needed to complete maps for Ellwood Mesa, Lake Los Carneros and the Gaviota State Park area.
  • Trail Management Planning. Currently, the Goleta Valley is undergoing an update of the 1993 Goleta Community Plan. Information relating to trails in that plan was updated in the 1995 Goleta Trails Implementation Study. As a part of SBTC’s long range planning efforts, our organization is reviewing trails within the community plan area. Funding will help support our planning efforts in the Goleta Valley as well as the Gaviota Coast.


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