Maria Ygnacia Creek Bike Path Improvements

County maintenance crews will be repairing the asphalt surface of the Maria Ygnacia Creek Bikepath that has been severely uplifted due to tree roots growing under the bikepath. 

The section of the bikepath is adjacent to Gwyne Avenue located south of Hollister Avenueand north of the intersection of the Obern Trail and the Maria Ygnacia Creek Bike Path.

These repairs will begin on Monday August 22, 2011 and should be completed by Thursday August 25, 2011.

 If you appreciate their work, PLEASE give the crews a hearty thank you as you ride by… it makes all the difference!

You will be asked to detour around the area being repaired.  We thank everyone for their cooperation with instructions given to them by the crew. 

If you have any questions, please write at this email address or call at 568-3576.  

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