Tangerine Falls Rescue

Tangerine Falls. A total of fifteen Rescue personnel from Montecito Fire Department and Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue combined forces to reach and rescue an injured woman on the West Fork of the Cold Springs Trail above Montecito.

The 50-year old woman from Newberry Park was hiking up the trail near the intersection to Tangerine Falls when she slipped and rolled over her ankle, causing an unstable injury to her foot. Unable to bear weight due to a possible fracture, her friend hiked back down the trail until she was able to gain enough of a cell signal to call 9-1-1 to talk with dispatchers from the Santa Barbara County Emergency Communications Center at the Sheriffís Office.

Based on her location in the wilderness area above Montecito, paramedics from Montecito Fire along with mountain rescue personnel from SBCSAR were paged out to respond up the trail with medical gear and a specialize stretcher and wheel.

Upon reaching the woman, paramedics splinted the injury and with the help of search and rescue personnel, secured her into the stretcher for the carry out down the trail where she was turned over to EMS personnel from AMR for transport to Cottage Hospital Emergency Room.

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