Trail Maintenance at Gaviota State Park

The Beach to Backcountry Trail extends from the beach at Gaviota State Park to near the Vista de las Cruces School.  It's one of most beautiful trails on the Gaviota Coast.  Right now it is also one of the brushy-est trails, especially on the connector from beach to back country.  We will be focusing on the connector and working our way toward the back of the wind caves.

Come join us on Saturday, November 16, 2013, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm for a fun day of work and help us clear the brush.  Most of the work will be light lopping and trimming and some heavier brush removal.  There is poison oak in the section that we will be working so come prepared.

For more details visit If you are not already a volunteer feel free to sign-up to be notified about future events. Tools, snacks, water and food will be provided including a delicious feast at the end of the workday. The meeting spot is:

Vista De Las Cruces School Parking Lot
9467 San Julian Road, Gaviota, CA


  1. Deborah Conn

    Will the trail be cleared between the wind caves and the overlook fire road? or on the north of the overlook fire road? What is the name of the connector trail? Here’s the map I am looking at:
    Are there any sections of it w/o poison oak? I am highly allergic, but would like to help with some of the lighter clearing if I could. Deborah Conn

  2. Mark Wilkinson

    Hello Deborah

    We will be working from the school house up Ortega Trail, on to the Overlook Fire Road up to the intersection of

    Overlook Fire Road
    Beach to Backcountry
    Hollister Trail

    The intersection area has poison oak. Given its proximity to water I assume the Ortega Trail has poison oak. We are planning on bringing a few disposable bunny suits for those who are allergic. We would like to have you join us. If you bring a friend we can send both of you to a place without poison oak.

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