Seven Falls

sevenfalls341 sevenfalls342 sevenfalls343 sevenfalls344 sevenfalls345 sevenfalls346 sevenfalls347 sevenfalls348 sevenfalls349 sevenfalls350 sevenfalls351 sevenfalls352 sevenfalls353 sevenfalls354 sevenfalls355 sevenfalls356 sevenfalls357 sevenfalls358 sevenfalls359 sevenfalls360 sevenfalls361 sevenfalls362 sevenfalls363 sevenfalls364 ...
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Tunnel Trail

stevenspark210 stevenspark211 stevenspark212 stevenspark213 stevenspark214 stevenspark215 stevenspark216 stevenspark217 stevenspark218 stevenspark219 stevenspark220 stevenspark221 stevenspark222 stevenspark223 stevenspark224 stevenspark225 stevenspark226 TRAIL INFORMATION Distance—4 miles to the crest; an additional mile to La Cumbre Peak Elevation...
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Arroyo Burro Trail

goleta-west-01 goleta-west-02 goleta-west-03 goleta-west-04 goleta-west-05 goleta-west-06 goleta-west-07 goleta-west-08 goleta-west-09 goleta-west-10 goleta-west-11 goleta-west-12 goleta-west-13 goleta-west-14 goleta-west-15 goleta-west-16 goleta-west-17 goleta-west-18 goleta-west-19 goleta-west-20 goleta-west-21 goleta-west-22 goleta-west-23 ...
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Rattlesnake Canyon Trail

The BasicsDistance-.75 to the first creek crossing; 2.5 miles to the connector trail leading to Tunnel Trail; 3 miles to the intersection with Gibraltar Road Elevation Gain-200' to the first creek crossing; 1000' to the connector trail leading to Tunnel Trail; 1550' to the intersection with Gibraltar Road Difficulty-Moderate Topo-Santa Barbara GETTING THERE From the Santa Barbara Mission drive up...
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Coldspring Trail – West Fork

tajiguas-beach-100 tajiguas-beach-101 tajiguas-beach-102 tajiguas-beach-103 tajiguas-beach-104 tajiguas-beach-105 tajiguas-beach-106 tajiguas-beach-107 tajiguas-beach-108 tajiguas-beach-109 tajiguas-beach-110 tajiguas-beach-111 tajiguas-beach-112 tajiguas-beach-113 tajiguas-beach-114 tajiguas-beach-115 tajiguas-beach-116 tajiguas-beach-117 ...
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